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Family law addresses the legal issues that arise from relationships. While topics such as divorce, child support, and custody earn the majority of family law attention, family law also focuses upon protection―protection from domestic violence or child abuse, protection of your reputation, or protection of your assets. We have a long history of helping to protect clients in family law proceedings. Our DC & Maryland family law attorneys are experienced in issues related to prenuptial agreements, marital agreements, domestic partnership agreements, and in matters related to abuse.

Domestic Violence & Child Abuse

Situations involving domestic violence or child abuse are amongst the most important and troubling that a family law client and attorney in Maryland or Washington, DC can face. We help clients in abuse situations take immediate steps to protect themselves or their children. Unfortunately, wanton accusations of domestic violence are also common and, if not addressed, can seriously damage the reputation of an otherwise innocent person as well as seriously jeopardize that individual’s rights to custody, access and visitation, including the ability to make important decisions regarding their children. If either of these situations applies to you, please take immediate steps to protect yourself. Learn More

Prenuptial & Martial Agreements

Separation and divorce are a fact of life. Few, if any, enter into marriage thinking of divorce. However, somewhere around half end in divorce. A wide range of agreements are available to protect each partner’s interests if a marriage dissolves. Various marital agreements may be recommended to protect your assets in a divorce or to establish valid contingency plans.

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