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A divorce proceeding in Washington, DC has its own unique complexities and pitfalls. Unlike Maryland or Virginia where divorce is strongly guided by case law, in DC the divorce ruling is at the discretion of the judge. This creates its own risks and problems, something with which your DC divorce lawyer must be familiar. Courts and judges make mistakes; it’s your divorce attorney’s job to protect your interests. Your DC divorce lawyer must understand the complex laws and legal environment that accompany a family law matter in Washington, DC.

Divorce in Washington, DC is a financial exercise. Assets, valuations, and determination of marital property are the areas of concern. Judges have sweeping power to determine martial property and division amongst the concerned parties. Establishing a defensible, equitable division of property is the job of your divorce attorney. Uncovering hidden assets, accurately estimating asset valuations, and arguing for child support or alimony are all part of the process. Your DC divorce lawyer must have the experience in DC to navigate the process and counteract the maneuvers of the opposing side.

At Brodsky Renehan Pearlstein & Bouquet, we have decades of experience as Washington, DC divorce lawyers. While we settle an overwhelming majority of our cases prior to trial, we are known for our strength as family law litigators. Sometimes, the best way to achieve a satisfactory settlement is to be prepared for a courtroom fight. Our strength as trial attorneys has won us awards for many years including a decade plus presence on Washingtonian Magazine’s list of Top Divorce Lawyers.

Whether you need a divorce lawyer in DC that handles mediation, collaborative law, or courtroom proceedings, our firm is structured for one thing only―excellence in family law, divorce, and child custody in DC.

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