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While divorce is difficult and emotional it’s important to take steps to ensure future security and peace of mind. All too often, people approach divorce as an emotional exercise. Whether your divorce is in Maryland or DC, the court treats divorce mostly as a financial exercise. That means the real area of contention is the division of marital property. The job of your DC or Maryland divorce attorney is to adeptly navigate the complexities of property division and protect your financial interests.

Each jurisdiction handles divorce proceedings in its own way. In Maryland, divorce is primarily process driven with much of the outcome dictated by case law. The main area of contention in a Maryland divorce is marital assets and their valuation. As a Maryland based firm, we are intimately familiar with family law and divorce in MD. We understand the strategy & tactics required for a Maryland divorce. We know how to protect your interests and assets.

Unlike Maryland, divorce in DC is not as process driven nor does case law provide the basis for guidance. The judge has more sweeping power to determine marital & non-marital property. A divorce in Washington D.C. combines custody, property division, child support, and alimony into one proceeding. With everything combined and with the discretion of the judge playing a bigger role, your divorce lawyer must be intricately familiar with martial property laws in DC. Since our sole focus is family law, we have the background, experience, and reputation to maximize your advantage.

Regardless of the jurisdiction, we are amongst the most experienced and prepared divorce lawyers you can retain. Our systems, personnel, and resources have been developed exclusively for the practice of family law including divorce, child support, custody, separation agreements, alimony, or other issues. If you need a litigator that is prepared to fight for your best interests, then contact us for help.

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