Child Support in MD & DC

Establishing the child support payment is an important step in the divorce and child custody process. MD child support and child support in DC are approached differently so it is also dependent upon where the child support proceedings are located. Maryland has developed a matrix that establishes MD child support payments based upon income. In Washington, DC child support payments are determined by the judge. We help clients decipher all the mitigating circumstances and assist with resolution either through a negotiated settlement or, if necessary, through court room proceedings.

MD Child Support

Maryland has taken action to simplify child support payments by issuing child support guidelines based upon income. Passed into law in 1990, the guidelines established a matrix which standardized monthly child support payments. Updated in 2010, the guideline is useful for families where income does not exceed $180,000 per year. In the wealthy enclaves surrounding Washington, DC, this income threshold is often exceeded. “Above the guidelines” cases are subject to interpretation and often rely upon a needs based approach or an extrapolation approach.

The job of your MD child support attorney is to help determine actual income and child maintenance needs. We structure an argument for child support payment by considering a variety of factors. Expenses, income, alimony, use & possession of the home, and legal guidelines all play an important role in child support calculation. We also help determine the actual child support needs to maintain care and lifestyle. When analyzing needs we evaluate factors such as medical care, private school tuition, living expenses, health insurance costs, and all other extenuating circumstances that contribute to the cost of raising children.

Child Support in DC

Child support payment in Washington, DC differs from Maryland. In DC, there is no standard child support payment guideline. Instead, child support payment is decided during the divorce. DC combines all actions related to a divorce into one proceeding. Division of marital property, alimony, custody, and child support are decided all at once. This means that the child support payment is an integral piece that must be addressed as part of the divorce.

Regardless of the location of your child support action, we have the requisite experience. Our attorneys only practice family law and have decades of experience in both Maryland and DC. Our experience, knowledge, and track record of success is why our attorneys have been named to Washingtonian Magazine’s list of Best Family Law Attorneys for well over a decade. With systems, processes, and resources built exclusively for the practice of family law, we can help you settle or litigate your child support payment issues.

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