Child Support Enforcement & Modification

The ongoing nature of child support means that the issue doesn’t just disappear once the initial child support determination is made. In DC & Maryland child support modification is a frequent occurrence that can result when there is a change in income or circumstances. Unfortunately, DC & Maryland child support enforcement actions are sometimes required too. We help clients in Maryland and Washington, DC with legal issues related to child support enforcement and modification.

Child Support Enforcement

Collecting child support can be difficult and frustrating. Unfortunately, payees often try to circumvent their legal and moral obligations. Our attorneys can help with child support enforcement through various legal channels. We assist clients with court orders to garnish wages for child support or employ other available legal remedies, such as earnings withholding orders. We also assist with out of state actions through UIFSA (Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.) While legal action is an option, as often as possible we try to help with non-legal remedies to child support enforcement that may be more cost effective. Since we handle so many issues related to child support, custody, and family law, our attorneys can advise on the best available options.

Child Support Modification

Child support actions can continue well after the initial child support determination. Child support modification is often sought and granted in response to changes in circumstances, income, or guidelines. Of course, modification is not always justified or necessary. When seeking or disputing child support modification, your attorney must establish a defensible position that accounts for income, expenses, and other circumstances. Our child support attorneys assist clients with child support modification in both Maryland and Washington, DC.

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