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Each parent has an absolute duty to support a minor child. The job of your child support attorney is to ensure that the children are adequately provided for relative to the financial resources of the parents. Expenses must be measured against income to determine an appropriate child support payment. It’s a complex process that requires experience and knowledge. Our sole focus on family law is just one of the factors that make us exceptional child support attorneys for Maryland & Washington, DC.

Child Support Payment

Maryland and Washington, DC differ in how child support is calculated. While Maryland, as do most states, use child support guidelines enacted by their respective legislature; Washington, DC is at the discretion of the court. Even with the Maryland child support guidelines, individuals may exceed the income matrix which then becomes a discretionary decision for the Court, employing either a needs based analysis or an extrapolation methodology. Whether for an individual that is a W-2 earner or a business owner with complicated finances, our child support attorneys have extensive experience in analyzing income, assets, expenses, and other factors that are crucial to a child support calculation. Learn More

Child Support Modification & Enforcement

Child support payments can evolve over time. A child support attorney is often involved in more than just initial payment awards. Your child support lawyer plays a crucial role in modification of child support when circumstances change. Your attorney is also central to the process when there are issues with child support enforcement. Our family law attorneys handle issues related to modification and enforcement of child support in both Maryland (both before the Court and the Office of Child Support Enforcement) and Washington, DC. Learn More

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